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UAV data collection and acquisition in order to help recognize, define, preserve and safe assets, life and costs. Steel painting was the prime reason to develop different technique of inspection to painting and coating. Gathering, analyze and utilize specific software to provide showcase data much quicker, safer, with less risk and human errors regarding to maintenance or management the project that will save time and money. The drone is an additional process of existing services to simplify all aspects and processes to support trades around construction in this case.


Coating for the Protection of the Structural Steelwork.


Using all necessary resources to make a job done we are utilizing the most technological solution.

We have trained personnel to conduct work at height and utilize machines such a mounted truck,
HIAB mobile cranes, cherry picker, spider lifts, scissor lifts


We generally like to keep the all construction in the good condition so we can clean it,
wipe it polish it, wash it, grind it, sand it jet it, paint it spray it, map it, snag it.

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